Are you with an upstream exploration and production company that is struggling with well-level volume allocations, water movement tracking, downhole allocations across multiple regulatory zones, run ticket reconciliation, or field-to-allocation data integrity? Does your revenue accounting department use its own volumes to feed the revenue distribution process, instead of those produced by your production accounting application?

Magnum Forge helps ­­­professionals in operations, production accounting, revenue accounting, and enterprise application development who are frustrated by their production accounting software and want a proven partner to help restore confidence in their data. Magnum Forge can help cleanse existing production data, optimize or upgrade current software, or lead a full implementation of P2 ProCount, Quorum’s QRA, Waterfield Production Accounting, or SAP PRA.

Our team’s knowledge of the upstream industry and software applications used for well production and operations is a driving force behind our clients’ success. We take the time to understand the business requirements and then stand up your applications quickly and correctly, including process design, configuration, data conversion and validation, user acceptance, reporting, training, and integration with other systems.

Whether you operate 100 or 100,000 wells, we can give you the confidence you want in your production volumes and revenue accounting. Is it worth 10 minutes for a fact-finding conversation? If so, email or call 713.206.8489 to set up a call with one of our production accounting professionals.