About Us

Magnum Forge provides management consulting services to upstream energy companies. Our projects focus on the software applications used for accounting, volumes, land, and reserves. Since founded in 2008, the company’s focus has remained narrow, but its knowledge runs deep. Magnum Forge takes pride in helping clients get the most out of their software investment.

Our customizable methodology serves as a roadmap for our clients’ implementation. We have existing conversion-item lists, data-validation routines, testing scripts, and training material for the most popular applications that serve the midsize market. We know the software vendors in this sector and their strengths. We help clients implement software using the big-bang approach, or we go module-by-module, region by region, with clients to ensure their teams get it right the first time, on time, and within their budgets.

We combine industry knowledge and technical expertise to connect clients’ businesses through software. Our broad capabilities include:

  • Software assessments and selection
  • Software upgrade or implementation (including ERP and related software packages)
  • Software optimization
  • Software support
  • Acquisition integration
  • Application integration
  • Business process improvement
  • Business intelligence and reporting

Magnum Forge is the Consulting Firm of Choice for exploration and production companies.

Let us introduce our services now so when you need help, you know you can count on us. Contact Shanna Graves at sgraves@magnumforge.com to learn more!


Magnum Forge ensures clients’ ERP software delivers the results their shareholders demand. Our team knows the energy industry and the software that makes it run. We work exclusively upstream, so we face the same challenges that clients’ do every day. We recognize how IT decisions are critical to the bottom line; consequently, we remain vendor-neutral to deliver the best solutions that drive our clients’ businesses to grow. Our professionals specialize in multiple software applications, including P2 BOLO, P2 Excalibur, P2 Merrick/ProCount, Enertia, Oracle (with Enterprise Upstream), Peloton (LandView, RigView, WellView, SiteView, ProdView), Quorum Upstream Suite, P2 Land (Tobin Enterprise Land), and W Energy.