About Us.

Why Choose Us

Clients choose Magnum Forge because of our people and our unique knowledge of the E&P software space. To maintain our competitive edge, our people continuously develop new skills and adapt to an ever-changing client and software environment. Magnum Forge hires the best, and we train them well, making clients’ priorities our priorities.

“I continue to work with Magnum Forge because the company. . .

. . . works exclusively in upstream oil and gas. Magnum Forge understands the unique complexities and challenges of this sector.”

. . . knows the software vendors that cater to the upstream industry, and they know the strengths of each.”

. . . vetted each software we were considering and then recommended one that delivered a solution that improved operational performance with the least amount of customization.”

. . . brought a customizable methodology and the associated deliverables to our project, including conversion-item lists, validation routines, testing scripts, and training material.”

. . . is well-versed in the functionality and features of ERP software packages catering to midsize independent upstream companies.”

. . . kept our fees below those of the larger consulting firms through proper planning, design, development, testing, and resource allocation.”

. . . delivered training using company-specific, upstream data rather than using a sales or demo module.”

. . . helped us determine the resources necessary to go live on time and within budget. They worked across our departments as a neutral third party to resolve conflicts.”

. . . works with the ERP software vendor to configure the full suite of available functionality. Without them, we would still be using less than half the software’s capabilities we paid for.”

. . . delivered personalized solutions designed to engage all levels and functions of our operation and drove enterprise-wide improvements, efficiency, and financial returns.”

. . . listened to leaders from across multiple levels within our organization to develop the systems, processes, and tools necessary for a system-wide focus on operational excellence.”

. . . reported potential problems promptly, along with proposed options for resolution, to keep all stakeholders informed on the project status.”

. . . partners with us to keep IT solutions a key asset within our organizations, and in doing so perpetuates annual cost savings every year.”

. . . establishes metrics to assist us in the evaluation and communication of each project’s results.”

. . . provides us a clear project scope to prevent our internal IT department from feeling any loss of control over a project.”

. . . operated in parallel with our organization’s internal staff to effect rapid, yet non-disruptive, change.”

. . . provides next-generation business processes that address broader business challenges and visions.”